Aedena Cycle

Aedena Cycle was a quartet who released an EP on R&S/Apollo. Then it was a solo project who released two albums on Beatservice Records. But now, Aedena Cycle is no more. Gaute Barlindhaug continues his musical journey as Kolar Goi. Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland now call themselves Röyksopp, and Kolbjørn Lyslo is none other than Doc L. Jnr.


"The Aedena Cycle" is a series of graphic novels created by Moebius and copyrighted Starwatcher Graphics, Inc. Beatservice Records appologise for any inconvenience caused by the use of "Aedena Cycle" as an artist name and the track title "The Cardiogrif" (also copyright and trademark of Moebius/Starwatcher) on Aedena Cycle's debut album "Albite". If you want more information about the great works of Moebius, contact Starwatcher at or Moebius at


The Travellers' Dream EP (12" Apollo 1994)

Alph (ultra wide radio overleaf)
Track on the compilation "XS To The Ravezone" (CD, Zonetripper 1994)

Track on the compilation CD "TOS.CD - Tromsø Techno 1994" (
BS001) (Beatservice 1994)

The Travellers' Dream
Track on the compilation "Apollo 2 - The Divine Compilation" (2xCD, Apollo 1995)

BS013 Albite (CD, Beatservice 1997)

Track on the compilation CD "Arctic Circles - a collection of sub zero soundscapes" (
BS015) (Beatservice 1997)

Dibrachys (remix)
Track on the compilation CD "The Beatservice EP Collection" (
CD011) (Beatservice 1998)

BS024 Cargo Cult CD (Beatservice 1999)

BSS025-4 Cargo Cult 7" (Beatservice 1999)

Cargo Cult
Track on the compilation CD "Arctic Circles 2" (
BS025) (Beatservice 1999)


Biosphere: Novelty Waves
aedena cycle mix (12" Apollo 95 and CD-single Origo Sound 95)
aedena cycle ambient mix (CD-single Origo Sound 95)

Teebee & K: Mindshadows (aedena cycle remix)
on Jazztronauts 7" (
BSS025-4) (Beatservice 1999)