Physical Mailorder

We are slowly moving the Beatservice Mailorder over to Bandcamp. Most of the new releases are at the Beatservice Bandcamp page, more is added as we go along. Some of the releases not yet added to the Bandcamp page can be found at the Klicktrack Store.

We have some copies left of the now deleted Biosphere CD's. At the moment, we keep it simple. Note a list of the releases you want to buy, and send an e-mail to vidar @ beatservice . no. I will get back to you regarding total price. Payment via PayPal.

CD's: 150 NOK
Postage is included.

Order releases by:
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Biosphere: Insomnia
CD (29. oct 2007)
Biosphere: Patashnik
CD (29. oct 2007)
Biosphere: Microgravity
CD (29. oct 2007)
Biosphere: Cirque
CD (29. jan 2007)

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