Cinque Cento

Cinque Cento (pronounced CHEEN-kweh CHEHN-toh) is a tiny Italian car, and also the musical project of TD Nicholson from Trondheim in Norway. He has been playing bass in various band, a.o the Oslo based Nansy, and the singer from Nansy also contributed on his debut track Endless Summer on the Friendly Selection compilation. He had already been dabbling with electronica for some years when he in 2001 decided to start working more seriously with his solo project Cinque Cento.

Being a bass player, the bass lines are an essential component in Cinque Cento's music. His passion for monotonous bass lines was aroused upon discovering hiphop and similiar genres in the early 90's, and combined with cool beats and a insistent melodies, this is the very essence of Cinque Cento. Musically, Cinque Cento can be placed somewhere in the downbeat / nujazz / groovy beats area, ranging from smooth lounge to groovy, but still smooth house-ish grooves.

His debut EP will be released in the autumn of 2003, with a new EP scheduled in the spring of 2004, and the debut album autumn 2004.

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