Elektrofant is an electronic act from Sandnes, Norway. The band was formed in 2001 by Klaus Skrudland. Trond Anfinnsen was also part of the band until 2004, and was then replaced by Knut Jonas Sellevold.

Their unconventional take on dance music, both in production and instrumentation, gave Elektrofant an unmistakably unique sound from the very beginning. They debuted with a loud bang when they released the Flipstick EP in 2003. The opening track, also named Flipstick, became a huge radiohit and has since then been regarded as a Norwegian electronic music classic.

In 2004, their first LP "WÝrk!" was released, which kept the original sound, but also added elements from rock and soul music, as well as some vocals. This record was also very well received by both press and fans and also gained international attention.

After these two records, a bunch TV and radio shows and extensive touring both in Norway and Europe, Elektrofant disappeared from the music scene in 2008. Eight years later, they suddenly reemerged from their hiatus, with a banging new album called "1992". The new record is nothing less than strutting tribute to the old school techno and dance music from the early nineties. Even more, it brings back the classic, analogue, playful, unorthodox, colorful and hard hitting, groovy Elektrofant sound.

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  • BS064CDEP Flipstick MCD (Beatservice Records 2003)
  • BS073CD WÝrk! CD (Beatservice Records 2004)
  • BS168 1992 Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2016)
  • BS173 Cocaine Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2016)

compilation contributions

  • Agn II - by:larm Bergen 2004 CD (by:larm 2004)
    Elektrofant: We Work Hard
  • Kontor Sunset Chill Vol. 5 CD (Kontor Records 2004)
    Elektrofant: Old People Are Young Too
  • Norway Now - Electronica promo CD (Music Export Norway 2004)
    Elektrofant: Slam Home
  • NRK Petre presenterer RÝrt og UrÝrt CD (Waterfall Records 2004)
    Elektrofant: Slam Home (radio edit)
  • Beatservice Jukebox - best of beatservice records (BS080DCD) DCD (Beatservice Records 2004)
    Elektrofant: Old People Are Young Too / Elektrofant: Flipstick (athome project remix)
  • Reveal Your True Nature CD (Plastiks Magazine 2004)
    Elektrofant: Talking Is Easy When I Talk With You
  • Beatservice Radio 2004 (BS084CD) CD-EP (Beatservice Records 2004)
    Elektrofant: Talking Is Easy When I talk With You
  • Beatservice Video Jukebox - best of beatservice music videos 1994-2004 (BS080DVD) DVD (Beatservice Records 2006)
    Elektrofant: Flipstick
  • / Elektrofant: We Work Hard
  • ArchiPOP#1 (BS160) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2015)
    Elektrofant: Old People Are Young Too

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