Future Prophecies

Future Prophecies aka Richard Animashaun Thomas & Tony Anthun is a drum'n'bass duo from Norway. Their extensive knowledge stems from relentless work as club DJs and jazz musicians throughout Norway, the rest of Europe and the States. Having had releases on Subtitles, Renegade Hardware, Moving Shadow, Certificate 18, Outbreak, G2, Fabric Live 03 (DJ Hype), Boombox and Kickin, and remixes with Mari Boine/Universal and Jamelia/EMI, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Richard Animashaun Thomas grew up at his Grandfather's house at Bjolsen, Oslo City, Norway. After some pressure from his Grandfather, who was a well known accordion musician, he started playing clarinet at the local marching band at the age of eleven. He soon switched to saxophone and after years of playing in different jazz, classical, pop and rock bands it finally led him to attending music college in 1992 to do a four year study in jazz, pop and rock. This was also the time that Richard started doing real studio work, programming and experimental "techno-ish" live shows. After becoming tired of the traditional western styles, he sold everything (except his horn) and left for India, where he
started studying Indian Classical music with the Bansuri, or Indian Flute. As he says himself: "I can't stay still. I have to experiment and learn new stuff. I have to be on the move or else everything stops. As with my music I have to explore new territories. "After a year of hard work and a lot of Delhi Belly he went back to Norway".

Tony was born in Oslo and brought up in Assbroken, a suburb in Oslo, and around '84 he started playing at the local youth club. He then started playing at weddings and friends' parties, and soon progressed on to playing in discos and at rave parties. After experimenting in different styles of music he got hooked on breaks, which resulted in him becoming a record collector. After realizing that the breaks records were mainly pieces of samples put together from different classic records he started making music. "At that time I thought it was just a case of putting together different samples, and the music would be there, but after years of producing and learning I found that there is so much more to it than that. To do what I wanted I soon understood that I needed somebody with knowledge of music theory. That's when I met Richard".

Richard elaborates: "After doing a local gig with his new project Poetry, Tony was DJ-ing at the same club and approached me asking if I would be interested in doing some stuff on his project Huba Buba". It was after this that they began work together and soon experienced the magic of having musical knowledge and extensive DJing backgrounds, which resulted in several 12" releases on labels such as Boombox, Kickin, Black Jesus and Quiet Riot. It also led to them starting their own label, Domination, on which they released Poetry's EP.

After some years of full studio work, playing regularly at local clubs and touring Europe and the States as sidemen with different Norwegian bands and projects, they started out by releasing material on Certificate 18 and Teebee's label, Subtitles.

They are now situated in Norway. Their sets, usually when not straight DJ-ing, consist of turntablism, computers, and live acts on different settings working with drums, saxophone, human beat box, synths, vocalists and tabla.

"Our music philosophy is not to have any boundaries. We try to make what feels good at any given moment. Our aim is to create a freedom to do what we want. Our influences come from all genres; r&b, pop, rock, jazz, indian, breakbeat, techno, house, and we believe people shouldn't forget where they are coming from. A lot of people out there diss other styles, even before they really have checked it out, just to follow some kind of trend. We feel that there is a lot of good (and bad) music in all genres - so why miss out on the good stuff just for the sake of fitting in with the scene? We try to
blend all kind of styles in our music, be it saxophone, flute, vocals, tabla, guitar and so on. But in the end whatever we do, the main thing is to achieve a kind of sensation, a feel that this is it - the moment".

And now Future Prophecies are here to challenge the way drum'n'bass is heard - something so many are afraid to do.

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  • Born 12" (Quiet Riot 2000)
  • Feel Free 12" (Domination Records 2000)
  • Colors 12" (Certificate 18 2001)
  • Teebee vs Future Prophecies: Dimentional Entity 12" (Subtitles 2001)
  • Euphoria 12" (Certificate 18 2001)
  • Fighting Without Fighting EP 12" (Subtitles 2001)
  • Nightmare Walking 12" (Subtitles 2001)
  • Acid City 12" (Subtitles 2002)
  • Electronic Funk 2x12" (Subtitles 2002)
  • Rocksteady 12" (Outbreak 2002)
  • Stalker 12" (G2 2002)
  • Overdrive EP 2x12" (Moving Shadow 2003)
  • Teebee vs Future Prophecies: Subcrisis 12" (Subtitles 2003)
  • Total Confusion 12" (Subtitles 2003)
  • Elektra 12" (Sound Trax 2004)
  • Teebee vs Future Prophecies: Let The Bass Kick 12" (Subtitles 2004)
  • Reflecting Terror 12" (Disturbed Recordings 2004)
  • Shadow 12" (Outbreak 2004)
  • Thunder & Lightning 12" (Under Construction 2004)
  • Warlords Rising (chapter I) 12" (Subtitles 2004)
  • Warlords Rising (chapter II) 2x12" (Subtitles 2004)
  • Warlords Rising (chapter III) 12" (Subtitles 2004)
  • Wonderland 12" (Outbreak 2004)
  • BS088CD Warlords Rising CD (Beatservice Records 2005)
  • Concrete Combat EP 2x12" (Moving Shadow 2005)
  • Raw (+ CD only DJ mix) 2x12"/CD (Outbreak 2005)
  • BS161 Raw (2002-2005) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2016)
  • BS234 Plastic Dreams (2003-2005) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2020)

compilation contributions

  • Prima Norsk - a collection of groovy norwegian house music (BSCD034) CD (Beatservice Records 2000)
    Future Prophecies: Feel Free
  • DJ Teebee & K Present The Deeper Side Of Drum'n'bass CD (Subtitles 2001)
    Future Prophecies: Fatal Error / Future Prophecies: Fighting Without Fighting / Future Prophecies: Cosmic Energy / Teebee vs Future Prophecies: The Path
  • 10 CD (Breakbeat Science Recordings 2002)
    Teebee vs Future Prophecies: Dimensional Entity
  • Fabric Live 03 CD (Fabric 2002)
    Future Prophecies: Electronic Funk (mislabelled as Nightmare Walking)
  • Resonance CD (Breakbeat Science Recordings 2002)
    Future Prophecies: Euphoria
  • Soul Thunder CD (Breakbeat Science Recordings 2002)
    Future Prophecies: Stalker
  • The Four Elements: Air 12" (Renegade Hardware 2002)
    Future Prophecies: Rage
  • The Four Elements CD (Renegade Hardware 2003)
    Future Prophecies: Rage
  • Andy C: Nightlife 2 - A Drum And Bass Odyssey DCD (RAM Records 2004)
    Future Prophecies: Dreadlock
  • Biological Warfare CD (Outbreak 2004)
    Future Prophecies: Voice Of Loneliness
  • Biological Warfare: Genesis 2x12" (Outbreak 2004)
    Future Prophecies: Voice of Loneliness
  • Fabric Live 18: Andy C & DJ Hype CD (Fabric 2004)
    Future Prophecies: Dreadlock
  • Jungle Sound - The Bassline Strikes Back! DCD/4x12" (Breakbeat Kaos 2004)
    Future Prophecies: Dreadlock
  • Knowledge Presents The DJ Vs The Drummer CD (Knowledge Magazine 2004)
    Future Prophecies: Dreadlock
  • Solid Steel Presents Amon Tobin Recorded Live CD (Ninja Tune 2004)
    Future Prophecies: Deep Impact
  • 05.2 CD (Moving Shadow 2005)
    Future Prophecies: The Dawn / Future Prophecies: Concrete Combat
  • Future Prophecies/Muffler split EP 12" (Disturbed Recordings 2005)
    Future Prophecies: Illusion Of Time (raiden remix)
  • Ruffnecks Revenge 2x12" (Ozore Age 2005)
    Future Prophecies: Dictate Da Preshure
  • Soundtrax For Life Vol 1 CD (Sound Trax 2005)
    Future Prophecies: Eastern Organic
  • XLR8R Incite 31 CD (XLR8R 2005)
    Future Prophecies: September
  • Classic Series vol 1 2x12" (Subtitles 2006)
    Teebee vs Future Prophecies: Let The Bass Kick / Teebee vs Future Prophecies: Dementional Entity
  • Sanjana Routine CD/CD+DVD (Niasounds 2006)
    Future Prophecies: Minimba (featuring Mari Boine)
  • Subliminal Vol 1 CD (Subtitles 2006)
    Teebee vs Future Prophecies: Dimentional Entity
  • ArchiPOP#1 (BS160) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2015)
    Future Prophecies: September

as Stereophonic Rockers

  • Expanded groove 12" (Boombox Records 1999)

  • Expanded Groove (original mix) / Expanded Groove (It Aint Gonna Stop) / Blow Ya Head / Quantum Leap

compilation contributions

  • Beats By Dope Demands No. 5 DCD (Kickin' Records 1998)
    Stereo Phonic Rockers: Beat Rock

as Huba Buba

  • Gummibjørn 12" (Black Jesus Records 1999)

  • Gummibjørn (vocal mix) / Gummibjørn (dub mix)

compilation contributions

  • Feel Good Factor vol 1 2x12" (King Kladze 1999)
    Huba Buba: Gummibjørn

as Poetry

  • One CD-single (Domination Records 2000)

  • One / Small Step For Poetry / Giant Leap For Mankind / Epilogue / One (polar remix) / One (teebee remix)

  • Small Step For Poetry 12" (Domination Records 2000)

  • Small Step For Poetry / One (teebee remix)

compilation contributions

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