Kolar Goi

Kolar Goi is Gaute Barlindhaug. As a member of the quartet Aedena Cycle he was a part of the second generation of the Tromsø techno and ambient scene. In 1994, they released the acclaimed "The Travellers' Dream" EP on the Belgium Apollo Records. A few compilations contributions and some rare live appearances followed, before the members went in different directions.

A few years later, Aedena Cycle resurfaced as a solo project from Gaute Barlindhaug. Two albums were released on Beatservice Records, but due to copyright reasons, Gaute Barlindhaug had to change his name.

Kolar Goi continues much in the same style as the second Aedena Cycle album, with dark and arctic ambience mixed with elements from jazz, eastern flavours, strange rhythms and a unique soundscape, drawing parallels to Miles Davis as well as the underground electronica of today.

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as Kolar Goi

compilation contributions

as Aedena
(aka Aedena Cycle quartet)

    compilation contributions

    • TOS.CD - Tromsø Techno 1994 (BSCD001) CD (Beatservice Records 1994)
      Aedena: Eoor
    • XS To The Ravezone CD (Zonetripper 1994)
      Aedena: Alph
    • TOS.CD - Tromsø Techno 1994 - digital re-release (BS001D) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2014)
      Aedena: Eoor

    as Aedena Cycle
    (1994 release: quartet, from 1997: solo project)

    • The Travellers' Dream EP 12" (Apollo 1994)
    • BSCD013 Albite CD (Beatservice Records 1997)
    • BSCD024 Cargo Cult CD (Beatservice Records 1999)
    • BSS025-5 Cargo Cult 7" (Beatservice Records 1999)

    compilation contributions

    • Apollo Compilation II DCD (Apollo 1995)
      Aedena Cycle: Traveller's Dream
    • Arctic Circles - a collection of sub zero soundscapes (BSCD015) CD (Beatservice Records 1997)
      Aedena Cycle: Perpendicular
    • The Beatservice EP Collection (BSCD011) CD (Beatservice Records 1998)
      Aedena Cycle: Dibrachys (remix)
    • Arctic Circles 2 (BSCD025) CD (Beatservice Records 1999)
      Aedena Cycle: Cargo Cult
    • Trans Atlantic Lounging 2 - indogo moods and afro-latin groo CD / DLP (Life Enhancing Audio/N.E.W.S. 2000)
      Aedena Cycle: Weep For Me
    • Silent Night Train (BSFREE001) CD (Beatservice Records 2001)
      Aedena Cycle: Diving Girl
    • Beatservice Jukebox - best of beatservice records (BS080DCD) DCD (Beatservice Records 2004)
      Aedena Cycle: Weep For Me
    • Beatservice Video Jukebox - best of beatservice music videos 1994-2004 (BS080DVD) DVD (Beatservice Records 2006)
      Aedena Cycle: Orange Basalt
    • Arctic Circles 2 - The Seven Inch Remix Collection (BS025X) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2007)
      Aedena Cycle: The Glipp (motion control's play it again mix)


    as Aedena Cycle

    • Biosphere: Novelty Waves
      aedena cycle mix (12" Apollo 95 and CD-single Origo Sound 95)
      aedena cycle ambient mix (CD-single Origo Sound 95)
    • Teebee & K: Mindshadows (aedena cycle remix)
      on Jazztronauts 7" (
      BSS025-4) (Beatservice 1999)



    • Alanïa: Instinctive Travells CD (Drum Club/EMI 96)
      "Mostly" written Gaute Barlindhaug. Additional programming by Gaute Barlindhaug.
    • Alanïa: Space Juice CD (Drum Club/Mega Records 97)
      3 tracks written & produced by Gaute Barlindhaug.

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