Kyd (right/back) & Kango (left/front)
Photo by Kaya Baardsen

Kyd & Kango

Kyd & Kango are Raymond Hansen from Tromsø and Jann Marius Dahle from Harstad in the northern parts of Norway. Raymond released his first 12" 17 years old on Nice'n'Rype in 1997, and both of them contributed on the Dusty & Dirty Thangz compilation (BSCD020) in 1998.

Their collaboration started on new years eve 2000, and the first track - This Is The Way - was signet after just a month to Slip'n'Slide.

Within their one-year collaboration, they signed almost every single track they produced on labels like Slip'n'Slide, Influence, Ascension, Estereo and the Norwegian Henya Records. 15 tracks on 9 12"-ers was the result of this short but effective and intense collaboration, more than the total output of the rest of the Norwegian house-scene in the same period.

The collaboration ended when Jann Marius moved to Oslo in the start of 2001, but they are now both producing as solo acts, and have new releases lined up for release.



Kyd & Kango: This Is The Way 12" (Slip'n'Slide/Kickin' Records 2000)
This Is The Way / L'amour

Kyd & Kango presents Mojave: Good Vibrations 12" (Influence/Defender Records 2000)
Good Vibrations / Good Vibrations (paul s. remix)

Kyd & Kango presents Skydance: For The People 12" (Touchdown/Defender Records 2000)
For The People / Love & Mercy

Kyd & Kango presents Vela Cruz: EKKO ekko 12" (Ascension/Defender Records 2000)
EKKO ekko / Latino Diablo

Various: DJ Sampler Vol. 11 2x12" (Influence/Defender Records 2000)
Kyd & Kango: Good Vibrations (latin dub)

Various: O' What a Day CD (UCM Records 2000)
Kyd & Kango: This Is The Way

Various: Klubbjazz Collection CD/LP (Slip'n'Slide/Kickin' Records 2000)
Kyd & Kango: This is the way

Various: Prima Norsk CD (Beatservice Records 2000)
Kyd & Kango: Good Vibrations

K.Y.D & Kango: High Above 12" (Estereo Recordings 2001)
High Above / The Jazzcafe

K.Y.D & Kango: Barakan 12" (Estereo Recordings, 2001)
Barakan / Barakan (those norwegians remix) / Barakan (those norwegians short)


Kyd & Kango: Soulparty 12" (Henya Records autumn 2001 tbc)
Soulparty / No Half-steppin'

K.Y.D & Kango: Jalla Jalla 12" (Estereo Recordings autumn 2001 tbc)
Jalla Jalla / ???

Kyd & Kango: Bugi 12" (Beatservice oct 2001)
Bugi / Bugi (olav brekke mathisen remix)

Kyd & Kango: High Above CD (Beatservice Records oct 2001)