Photo by Knut Åserud

Mørk is Benjamin Mørk from the island Senja in the northern parts of Norway. The artist Mørk is actually two-headed. The first incarnation is the piano based jazz quartet, who has released the two brilliant albums Karasho (2013) and Meantime Lifetime (2015). But lately, Benjamin Mørk has been playing around with analogue electronic equipment, and the solo electronic version of Mørk saw the lights of day with the track "Tour de Senja", released on his own label autumn 2015.

Mørk have now signed with Beatservice Records for the solo electronic works. A four track EP, "Disco In Odd Times", is due for release in march, along with a remix-EP for "Tour De Senja".

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  • BS163 Tour de Senja Remixes Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2016)
  • BS164 Disco In Odd Times Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2016)
  • BS169 Errand Boy Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2016)

compilation contributions

  • ArchiPOP#2 (BS200) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2018)
    Mørk: Errand Boy (featuring The man called Fro)
  • ArchiPOP#2 (BS200LP) LP (Beatservice Records 2018)
    Mørk: Errand Boy (featuring The man called Fro)
  • BSRMX01 (BS236) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2020)
    Mørk: Tour De Senja (Kohib Remix)

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