Motion Control is Oddgeir Hvidsten from Bergen, Norway. He started his recording career in the ambient trio Neural Network, who released two albums on Origo Sound. Oddgeir Hvidsten and Lars Kristian Sande, 2/3 of Neural Network, started making more rhythm oriented material under the Motion Control name, and got a deal with the UK Universal Code label.

Two EP's were released on Universal Code, and the tracks from these two EP's plus a third unreleased EP were collected on their first Beatservice album, the Digits CD (BS017).

The Digits style can be described as warm, sexy, technological melodies over sensual and exotic strings and erotic, funky beats, with inspiration from Detroit techno and European minimalism.

Now, Motion Control is trimmed down to Oddgeir Hvidsten as key member, but with participation from both of the Neural Network colleagues Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik and Lars Kristian Sande.

The style is radically changed for the new Motion Control album. The Detroit techno inspiration is blended with french house style and 70's disco, with inspiration from Derrick May, Carl Craig, Ludovic Navarre (St. Germain), George Clinton, Bob Sinclair, Grandmaster Flash, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Isac Hayes, Cassius, Les Rhythmes Digitales and Dimitri From Paris.

Check out their own web pages with more info and sound-bites here.


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