Nasra & Gaute

Nasra & Gaute is a collaboration project with percussionist Nasra Ali Omar and Gaute Barlindhaug of Kolar Goi/Aedena Cycle.

Nasra Ali Omar is a crossover musician, and she prosper among a variety of genres and expressions, and combine unusual elements through improvisation and spontaneity. She also explores visual effects and expressions on stage. A firework of a percussionist! Nasra Ali Omar prefers to collaborate with performers, musicians and artists from various fields. She has done studio sessions and been part of various recordings both in and out of Norway. Nasra Ali Omar is now concentrating on a solo artist career within electronica collaborating with Gaute Barlindhaug.

Gaute Barlindhaug started out as member of the quartet Aedena Cycle, along with the Röyksopp lads and Doc L Junior. He later continued his solo career, first under the Aedena Cycle name, later as Kolar Goi. He has also produced tracks for the Rune Lindbęk project Alania, and has been both producer and live musician for Bel Canto.

Nasra has been working with Gaute before as a live musician, but this collaboration project started out with the comissioned work "Computer Love" for the Festival of North Norway (Festspillene i Nord-Norge) in 2008. The collaboration has later expanded into more live-shows, and an album due for release autumn 2010.

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  • BS120 Live EP Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2010)
  • BS124CD Sound Of Swosh CD (Beatservice Records 2010)

compilation contributions

  • ArchiPOP#1 (BS160) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2015)
    Nasra & Gaute: Box Of Cones


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