Reggie Got Beats

photo: Anthony Sabado

Disco connoisseur Reggie got beats is a producer, DJ and drummer hailing from Trondheim, Norway. Seeking influences from all things groovy and funky, his music touches ground near genres like soul, disco, house, pop and R&B. No matter the style, Reggie delivers tracks and DJ-sets that toes a fine line between the immediate and the challenging, without landing too heavy on either side. Since the starting point in 2015, Reggie has steadily gained traction as a DJ, producer and as a live act with his band RGB Unit. Through releases on Diskorama, NDYD, Paper Recordings, Midnight Riot and VIER he's established a straight up funky sound, bringing his warm and dusty grooves to festivals and clubs in the cold north.

For his debut for the Beatservice label, he's got something quite special: disco in Norwegian! Together with his RGB Unit band, he will release an EP of well-produced, tounge-in-cheek, shamelessly cool disco with Norwegian lyrics!

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Discography (others)

  • Just Pretend digital single (Diskorama 2015)
  • On the Floor ft. Rohey Taalah (Radio Edit) digital single (Diskorama 2016)
  • It's On Tonight / On the Floor 12" (Diskorama 2016)
  • It's On Tonight ft. Kari Eskild (12" disco edit) - on Trash The Wax vol 5 compilation (Paper Disco 2016)
  • Spend the Night ft. Vebj�rn Mamen digital single (NDYD 2016)
  • Groove Your Troubles Away digital single (Midnight Riot 2016)
  • Round & Round ft. Rohey Taalah digital single (SoULuvMuziq 2017)
  • It's On Tonight ft. Kari Eskild (A Ralph Myerz Dub) - on Project Fear compilation (Paper Recordings 2017)
  • Groove Your Troubles Away - on Disco Made Me Do It compilation (Midnight Riot 2018)

Discography (Beatservice)

  • BS209 Disko Naiv Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2019)
  • BS211 Verdensrommet Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2019)
  • BS230 It's On Tonight 2020 Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2020)
  • BS231 On The Floor 2020 Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2020)

compilation contributions

  • BSRMX01 (BS236) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2020)
    Reggie Got Beats: It's On Tonight (Lakeshouse Remix)
  • BSRMX01 (BS236CD) CD (Beatservice Records 2020)
    Reggie Got Beats: It's On Tonight (Lakeshouse Remix)


  • Tuba Tuba: Pitchfork (Reggie got beats remix) (digital, Slackerkid 2016)
  • Kappekoff: All Day Long (Reggie got beats remix) (digital, Oslo Records 2016)
  • Jay Nemor: Everyday (Reggie got beats remix) (digital, VIER 2018)