BS154 Taigatrost: Unveil

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Format: Digital Single
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalogue number: BS154
Release date: 10. nov 2014

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Dead By Choice


Unveil (Espen Skagen Remix)

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Taigatrost consists of Anette Tunheim Jakobsen and Gaute Barlindhaug. Both living in Tromsø, Norway. Taigatrost has since 2008 worked to develop their own sound that refers to several sub-genres within the humongous genre of electronic music, merged with the pop genre. In 2013 the duo released their first EP The Awakening on Tromsø-based Beatservice Records. The soundscape of the band has a complexity that is rare in the pop-segment. At each round of listening, new elements are discovered. Despite its complexity, it is playful and light, yet with a touch of darkness for those who seek it.

The soundscape of Unveil is a musically pictured slinking spring thaw. It narrates the search for the perfect combination of elements at a certain mood or period of time. The sound is analogue and rich and slowly building up for the break-up from winter to spring.

Dead by Choice, the soft and mellow tune about conflict between symbols and different minds, the power of suppression and the invitation to reconciliation from the minority counterpart. The narrative is demonstrative and sublime in its propagation.


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Taigatrost / Dead By Choice /

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