BS218 Legs 11: Never Before

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Design/artwork by Espen Friberg

Legs 11:
Never Before

Format: Digital Single
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalogue number: BS218
Release date: 11. oct 2019

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Never Before (featuring Mobyvay)


Into This Party Alone


Love From Above (Cato Canari's Blue Sky Remix)

Press info

På sin nye singel "Never Before" byr Legs 11 på en vegg av arpeggiator-synther støttet opp av dype house-rytmer og klassisk house-piano. Sangen introduserer også det nyeste medlemmet i Legs 11s utvidede familie, den eminente vokalisten Nora Dahlberg (Mobyvay). "Never Before" er et stykke suggererende, varm og oppriktig dansemusikk som behandler popmusikkens evige tema: kjærligheten.

During a karaoke-fuelled haze in the seedy parts of Oslo, Legs 11 was formed based on a shared love of synth pop, post-punk, new wave and house music. Drawing on these influences, the band has created a diverse musical universe, ranging from dark repetitive guitar driven tracks, via infectious pop gems, to deep yet melodic dancefloor-orientated grooves. After exploring the indie-dance themes on their debut album "Another Wave" (2017), it's now time to dive into the world of (electro) pop for their brand new album "The Colour Of My Heart"!

"Never Before" is the first single, and it features walls of arpeggiators supported by a deep thumping house beat and some classic house piano. The song introduces the most recent addition to Legs 11's extended family, the magnificent singer Nora Dahlberg aka Mobyvay. "Never Before" is a heartfelt dance track about pop-music's everlasting theme: love!

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