BS238 Third Attempt & LP Martin: Muggost EP

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Design/artwork by Espen Solli

Third Attempt & LP Martin:
Muggost EP

Format: Digital EP
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalogue number: BS238
Release date: 13. nov 2020

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Muggost (Blue Charm Club Remix)


Muggost (LP Martin Apple Remix)


Muggost (Third Attempt Sunset Mix)

Press info

Hot on the heels of his latest album 'World Is Too Loud' in the spring, and the recent Transit single, Third Attempt returns with a collaboration project with fellow Tromsø-based DJ and producer LP Martin, previously heard on the likes of Paper Disco, Full Pupp and Beatservice Records. Percolating a swing-savvy mix of infectious slap bass, gnarly Rhodes and sun-bleached Balearic atmospheres, the duo's debut joint effort 'Muggost' features the whole palette of their funky sound grammar as it meshes together facets of jazz, ambient, house and, quite obviously, a quintessential dose of spaced-out disco, through one helluva brightly hued mosaic of textures and colours.

The title-track 'Muggost' gets the ball rolling on a deft, hip-swaying note with its old-school Chicagoan shuffle, jacuzzi-warm riffs and ankle-snapping breaks. Tailored Ibizean guitar motifs smoothly and joyfully clash against rippling tides of piano and hazed-out bass moves. On 'Byen', smokey cotton club-like atmospheric tropes rapidly make way for a sensual melange of brittle strings and elastic bounce, all laced in the dreamiest of scenarios, sure to have you zoning out to a land of carefree sun-basking and lascivious idleness.

Getting the triple remix treatment, the flagship cut is turned into a proper club workout courtesy of rising Norwegian talent Blue Charm - bringing forth the jacking bravura of the track and optimising its DJ-friendly, rhythmic appeal. LP Martin then mucks in with his 'Apple' revisit; a lax dub variation under strong trip-hop influence and making generous use of the tape-echo to throw us headlong into a world of sedated quiet. Last but not least, Third Attempt throws us back in the heyday of DJ Shadow and instrumental hip-hop classics a la 'Building Steam...' - merging the vaporous beauty of textured synth tapestries with a steely, hard-as-nails drum programming of the finest standard.

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