BS261 Boblebad: Tidlig Oppe

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Design/artwork by Ulf Moen Denneche

Tidlig Oppe

Format: Digital EP
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalogue number: BS261
Release date: 21. oct 2022

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Tidlig Oppe


Stoisk Uro


Klam Klem



Press info

Creative polyglot Boblebad is back with his latest Beatservice offerings, serving four stirring tracks on the powerfully emotive 'Tidlig Oppe' EP.

Ulf Moen Denneche better known by his familiar Boblebad moniker has artistic juice coursing through his very being. Endowed with a formidable creative flair, the producer, musician, painter and visual artist has been a much-loved Beatservice mainstay since making his label debut in 2021. With a stylistically adventurous sound that stubbornly refuses to rest in generic boxes, he's released music on some of the electronic underground's most important labels joyfully meandering through Balearic soundscapes, simmering deep house, and proudly uncompromising electronica.

The EP launches with the hyper-atmospheric title track, 'Tidlig Oppe'. Here, a sturdy four/four rhythm powers waves of harmonic textures, with luscious chords gliding over throbbing bass as phasing pads and spacey synth motifs intertwine across propulsive conga lines. Continuing the refined forward motion, 'Stoisk Uro' steadily builds over warm bass strokes and energetic drums, with evocative synth solos soaring over undulating pads as free-flowing percussion adds a glorious dynamism to the emotionally-charged harmonics.

'Klam Klem' maintains the characteristically sumptuous sound palette, with tom-heavy drums cutting through space-age pads as staccato synth refrains deliciously ebb and flow over an undulating ever-building groove. Finally, 'Kruttugle' completes a sparkling set in suitably enigmatic style. Snappy drums and loose-knit percussion saunter over thick bass as fizzing pads usher in a soul-searing lead melody, the affecting chord progressions joined by bubbling arpeggios for a life-affirming climax.

As ever, this is powerfully compelling work from Boblebad. Imbued with more than enough weight to stir esoteric floors, the emotionality that permeates the music augments the rhythms with a profundity that sets it apart from the strictly club-focused ensuring the collection is equally suited to both introspective meditations and energetic dance abandon.

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