BS075 Fenomenon: Time

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Format: CD-single
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalogue number: BS075CD
Release date: 29. mar 2004
Export date: 14. jun 2004

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Time (radio edit)


Lucy Said (landslide remix)


Time (snorre seim remix)


Time (ernesto's emotional memory remix)


Time (lindstrøm remix)

Press info

Stavanger-duoen Fenomenon består av Kjetil Ingebretsen og Håvard Rosenberg. I 2000 signerte de kontrakt med London-selskapet Nuphonic, og slapp to kritikerroste EPer før Nuphonic gikk konkurs. Spor fra Nuphonic EP'ene var med på en haug med internasjonale samle-CD'er og playlister til profilerte DJ's verden rundt, og satte Fenomenon på kartet i den internasjonale nujazz/downbeat scenen.

En ny 12" ble sluppet på norske HiFi Terapi i høst, med video hit'en Lucy Said.

Fenomenon er nå innlemmet i Beatservice Reords-stallen, og som en formak til albumet Hourglass som kommer i april, slipper vi singelen Time. Mens de vanligvis holder seg innenfor broken beats/nujazz, er Time en mer en pop-låt med diskret disco beats og herlige 80-talls referanser.

I tillegg til en radio-mix av originalen, får vi remixer fra Landslide (UK), Ernesto (Sverige - fra Swell Session etc), og de norske artistene Snorre Seim (Butti 49) og Hans-Petter Lindstrøm (tidligere kjent som SlowSupreme).

En knall-tøff animasjonsvideo av Tom Idland slippes også i forbindelse med singelen.

Fenomenon is Kjetil Ingebretsen and Håvard Rosenberg from the west coast of Norway. In 2000, they signed with London label Nuphonic, and released two critically acclaimed EP's before Nuphonic was suddenly liquidated. Tracks from the two Nuphonic EP's appeared on numerous compilations and playlists, making Fenomenon a household name in the international nujazz/downbeat scene.

A new 12", Lucy Said, was released on Hi Fi Terapi in the autumn of 2003, showcasing their new style of upbeat broken beats mixed with smooth and jazzy vocals, and with a dash of 80’s references. Again, putting Fenomenon on playlists around the globe.

Fenomenon is now a member of the Beatservice family, and as a taster for their debut album Hourglass, due in May, here is the new single Time. While they usually work in the broken beats/nujazz area, Time is more of a pop-electronica track with discrete disco beats and nice 80's references.

In addition to a radio-mix of the original, we get remixes from Landslide (UK), Ernesto (Sweden - Swell Session etc), and the Norwegian artists Snorre Seim (Butti 49) and Hans-Petter Lindstrøm (SlowSupreme/Feedelity Records). The Ernesto and Snorre Seim remixes also appear on the vinyl 12".

A cool animated video by Tom Idland is also released in connection to the single.


Format: 12"
Label: Beatservice Records
Catalogue number: BS075
Release date: 26. apr 2004
Export date: 14. jun 2004

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Time (ernesto's emotional memory remix)


Time (snorre seim remix)

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1 FM Nordvest

M�tte gudene overd�de deg med gaver og alskens for denne perlen av en elektronika l�t...
Atle Bratset


Time (ernesto remix) playlisted by Nick Luscombe, Flo-Motion, XFM (UK)
Time (snorre seim remix) playlisted by The Basic Soul Show, Simon Harrison
Lucy Said (landslide remix) and Time (snorre seim remix) playlisted by Friday Night Session, FM KUSF, San Francisco
Time (radio edit) playlisted by Radio Magnetic, Glasgow
Time went straight into the ZZUB chart of Update Magazine at number 10

DJ Magazine
Fenomenon are Kjetil �Kay� Ingebretsen and Havard �Hobie� Rosenberg from Norway. Having released music for Nuphonic days gone and remixed for the like of Stereo Deluxe, Cosmic Sounds and Strut it�s no wonder I�m into this 12� from the moment the needle is placed on the record. Combining broken beats with jazzy vocals over an upbeat is the formula used here with remixes from Ernesto and Snorre Seim.

Blues & Soul Magazine
If the name rings a bell it maybe from pervious releases on Nuphonic, but for their Beatservice debut the duo deliver a brace of eclectic dance mixes to herald the arrive of their upcoming �Hourglass� opus. Ernesto�s Emotional Memory Mix is an effective blend of sprawling environmental textures, clanging gritty percussion and electro-driven drum �n� bass with soupy amalgams of treated electronica; Snorre Seim offering a more Detroit tech-edged 4/4 arrangement to his equally palatable version.
(3/5) LD,
Responsible for a couple of tasty twelves on the sadly now defunct Nuphonic imprint a while back, this Norwegian pairing get the remix treatment from fine vocalist and producer Jonatan B�ckelie aka Ernesto, and the wonderfully named Snorre Sein, who thankfully doesn�t put the listener to sleep! Ernesto�s �Emotional Memory Remix� has the flavour of the Bugz transported to Nordic waters, as weightless chords and analogue bass nastiness back incredibly fragile vocals. Snorre�s re-rub scatters percussion under a moving bass, abstract key touches and brutal synthed-up chords. Two conventional yet rewarding remixes.
Jon Freer

BPM Magazine
After EP�s for the late Nuphonic and Hi Fi Terapi, the Norwegian duo of Kay Ingebretsen and Hobie Rosenberg grace us with this wonderful 12�. Compatriot Snorre Seim turns in an elegantly spare percussive workout with jittery synth pads that provide contrast to the smooth vocals. But Sweden�s Ernesto steals the show with an epic, nine minute broken re-rub. Watch for the bass that attacks at three minutes in - wicked!
Peter Nicholson

Maybe the most convincing track from Fenomenon's album 'Hourglass' gets remixed by two well-known artists in the scene: Ernesto from projects like Swell Session, Stateless, Beanfield, Seasons and Plej and Snorre Seim from Butti49, whose remixes have become known in the nujazz scene for their quality. Two remixes, a tighter one from Ernesto and and softer one by Snorre Seim, which add a crispier touch to the track.

Discoid (Italy)
There are various remixes on this single release from this cool label but my vote goes slightly in favour to that done by Snorre Seim; beat, synth stabs, vocals and atmosphere. Keep an eye on these guys�

Seit ihren beiden Maxis anno Haste-nicht-geh�rt auf Nuphonic sind die Herren Ingebringtsen und Rosenberg eine feste Gr��e. Daf�r hat das Album-Deb�t lange warten lassen. Umso sch�ner, dass es mit diesen Remixen von Ernesto, der besonders durch seine Vocals auf den Alben von Swell Session und Beanfield sich noch viel schneller einen Ausnahmenimbus erarbeitet hat, und Butti 49s Snorre Seim nun endlich einen echten Vorboten aus Skandinavien gibt. Ernesto konzentriert sich im Kern auf gebrochene Beats, vergisst dabei aber leider, seine Stimme hinreichend einzubringen. Eine melancholische Schwere zieht sich auch durch Snorre Seims Version, die aber in ihrer K�hle immer noch den Charme nordischer Wintern�chte transportiert.

Norwegian downtempo electronic duo Fenomenon�s debut album �Hourglass� (also released this month through Beatservice) showcased their smooth fusion of broken beats with synthy eighties references, even including a cover of Tears For Fears� �Everybody Wants To Rule The World� amongst its tracklisting. This latest 12� from Fenomenon is the second track to be lifted from �Hourglass� and follows the release of �Lucy Said� through Hi Fi Terapi in late 2003.
On the A-side of this 12�, Gothenburg-based producer and vocalist Ernesto (known for his work with the likes of Swell Session, Beanfield and Plej) reworks album track �Time� into a storming nine-minute track that flirts between jazzy broken beats and dubstep-tinged garage bass drops, Kjetil Ingebretsen�s smooth vocals phased and delayed out over the shuffling beats. Right in the middle, the vocal drops out completely, being replaced with huge flanging funky bass tones that you might expect to hear from the likes of Bugz In The Attic or perhaps even Roll Deep Crew, while soul harmonies float in the background. Right at the end, there�s even space for some gorgeous melancholy voice-and piano soul. Delicious - and highly recommended.
On the flip, fellow Norwegian producer Snorre Seim (known for his productions / remixes under the Butti 49 moniker), stays on the broken beat tip for his remix of �Time� as well, opening with hard chunky jazzy breakbeats around a funk-infused bassline before colourful synth stabs dart around a groove that retains pretty much all of the original vocal. While it gets into some great clashing sampled drum hits and scratching around its halfway mark, it doesn�t really quite go off as much of a bomb as Ernesto�s mix on the A-side, which is definitely the pick of the two remixes on offer here.
A quality 12� release with two strong remixes - fans of jazzy broken beats along the lines of Beanfield, Rainer Truby Trio and Bugz In The Attic won�t be disappointed.
Evil Chris 2


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