Mind over MIDI

Mind over MIDI a.k.a. Helge Tømmervåg is from Kristiansund on the north-west coast of Norway. He has been working with electronic music since the beginning of the 80's, first as a member of synth-pop band ToC, and later as Mind over MIDI. After a few compilation contribution, he was signed to Beatservice Records in 1995.

His early works was in the british experimental style, drawing inspiration from µ-ziq, Autechre and Aphex Twin. He then evolved into more minimal soundscapes inspired by a.o. Richie Hawtin/Plastikman and Mauritzio/Basic Channel, mixing this minimalistic approach with an "arctic" ambience and feel, inspired by a.o. Biosphere.

After five albums, Mind over MIDI left Beatservice Records in 2006. After a few silent years, he continued to release albums and EP's on small dedicated lables such as Silent Seasons, Diametric, Hibernate, Whitelabrecs and Rohs! Records, and on his own Berserk Fabrik. Some of the tracks from these releases was compiled on the Beatservice album Update in 2014.

Mind over MIDI will return to Beatservice Records autumn 2020 with a special commission: Helge Tømmervåg was given to photos from photographer Einar Bangsund, and the assignment: make music that fits these two pictures. The result was "Gimsøy, Lofoten" EP1 and EP2.

Later in the autumn, the 25 year anniversary of Elektrical Aktivity will be celebrated by releasing the original three EP's digitally, including those tracks that didn't end up on the CD, plus additional bonus tracks.

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  • BS003 Elektrical Aktivity EP 1 12" (Beatservice Records 1995)
  • BS006 Elektrical Aktivity EP 2 12" (Beatservice Records 1995)
  • BS009 Elektrical Aktivity EP 3 12" (Beatservice Records 1996)
  • BSCD012 Elektrical Aktivity CD (Beatservice Records 1996)
  • Arctic Beats EP # 1 12" (Club Craft 1997)
  • Arctic Beats EP 2 12" (Club Craft 1997)
  • Soundscape 7" (Kipper Single Club 1997)
  • BSCD016 ICE Acoustik CD (Beatservice Records 1998)
  • ICE live CD (Beatservice/Mind over MIDI 1998)
  • BSS025-1 Stay With Me 7" (Beatservice Records 1999)
  • BS039 Walkman 10" (Beatservice Records 2001)
  • BSCD040 Project 3 CD (Beatservice Records 2001)
  • BSLP040 Project 3 / Statement DLP (Beatservice Records 2002)
  • BS054 Champion (with Tikiman) 10" (Beatservice Records 2002)
  • BS050CD Statement CD (Beatservice Records 2003)
  • BS093CD Monopoly CD (Beatservice Records 2006)
  • BS150 Update Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2014)
  • BS003X Elektrical Aktivity EP1 Expaned Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2020)
  • BS232-1 Gimsøy, Lofoten EP1 Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2020)
  • BS232-2 Gimsøy, Lofoten EP2 Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2020)
  • BS232CD Gimsøy, Lofoten CD/LP (Beatservice Records 2020)
  • BS006X Elektrical Aktivity EP2 Expanded Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS009X Elektrical Aktivity EP3 Expanded Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS040X Project 3 Addendum (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS248 Trancesurfer 1994 Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2021)
  • BS254-1 Elektrical Aktivity (SoundSAM Encounters EA Remix) Digital single (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS260 Control CD/Digital album (Beatservice Records 2022)
  • BS260-1 Control (featuring Stein Bjercke) Digital Single (Beatservice Records 2022)

compilation contributions

  • Rock Furore CD (Rock Furore 1994)
    Mind over MIDI: Trancesurfer
  • XS To The Ravezone - XSII DCD (Zonetripper 1995)
    Mind over MIDI: Mindworks
  • AbStract Tracks CD (Warner 1996)
    Mind over MIDI: Bakterial Soup / Mind over MIDI: Bakterial Soup
  • Arctic Circles - a collection of sub zero soundscapes (BSCD015) CD (Beatservice Records 1997)
    Mind over MIDI: ICE Valley
  • The Beatservice EP Collection (BSCD011) CD (Beatservice Records 1998)
    Mind over MIDI: Bakterial Soup
  • / Mind over MIDI: Respirator
  • Biosystems - the biosphere remixes (BSCD022) CD (Beatservice Records 1999)
    Mind over MIDI: It's Gonna Be Alright (biosphere's angulaq remix)
  • Arctic Circles 2 (BSCD025) CD (Beatservice Records 1999)
    Mind over MIDI: Stay With Me
  • Arctic Circles 3 (BSCD043) CD (Beatservice Records 2001)
    Mind over MIDI: The Kid On Third
  • Arctic Circles 3 DJ Sampler (BSEP043) 12" (Beatservice Records 2001)
    Mind over MIDI: The Kid On Third
  • Silent Night Train (BSFREE001) CD (Beatservice Records 2001)
    Mind over MIDI: fall.off
  • Colors Nordic CD (Colors Sounds/Irma Group 2002)
    Mind over MIDI: Walkman
  • Friendly Selection - lucid voices and lazy beats (BS052CD) CD (Beatservice Records 2002)
    Mind over MIDI: Echo (vox performer)
  • Excursions CD (Water Music Records 2002)
    Mind over MIDI with Hilde Drange: Echo (vox performer)
  • Port Azur CD (Port Azur 2002)
    Mind over MIDI with Tikiman: Revelation
  • Tech House Vol Two (mixed by DOBBS) CD (Millennium 2002)
    Mind over MIDI: Shadow
  • Luftkastelet CD (Music For Dreams 2003)
    Mind over MIDI: But I Say (feat sidsel endresen/bugge wesseltoft)
  • Music For Beautiful Modern Life Edited 6 - Nordic Atmosphere CD (Pioneer Japan 2003)
    Mind over MIDI featuring Hilde Drange: Echo
  • Beatservice Jukebox - best of beatservice records (BS080DCD) DCD (Beatservice Records 2004)
    Mind over MIDI: Still Low? / Mind over MIDI: It's Gonna Be Alright (biosphere's angulaq remix)
  • Beatservice Video Jukebox - best of beatservice music videos 1994-2004 (BS080DVD) DVD (Beatservice Records 2006)
    Mind over MIDI: Bakterial Soup
  • Blossom CD (Disque Deluxe/United 2005)
    Mind over MIDI featuring Sidsel Endresen: But I Say
  • World Dub Pastry CD (Music For Dreams 2005)
    Mind over MIDI with Tikiman: Revelation
  • Arctic Circles 2 - The Seven Inch Remix Collection (BS025X) Digital Album (Beatservice Records 2007)
    Mind over MIDI: Emotional Consequences (information remix)
  • Biosystems - The Biosphere EP (BS022EP) Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2016)
    Mind over MIDI: It's Gonna Be Alright (Biosphere's Angulaq Remix)
  • Mind over MIDI Reshapes (BS222) Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2019)
    Mind over MIDI with Stein Bjercke: Falling In Love At Airports (Mind over MIDI Reshape) / Mind over MIDI with Paul St Hilaire: Ital Swing (Mind over MIDI Reshape) / Mind over MIDI with Nils Petter Molvær: Stay (Mind over MIDI Reshape)
  • SoundSAM Bootleg Remixes (BS254) Digital EP (Beatservice Records 2022)
    Mind over MIDI: Elektrical Aktivity (SoundSAM Encounters EA Remix) / Mind over MIDI: E. Scape (SoundSAM With Love Remix)


  • 22 Pistepirkko: Snowy Dave
    on the remix album Zipcode (CD Polygram Finland 1996)
  • Frost: Close To You
    on a free CD with a norwegian fashion magazine
  • Motion Control: Digits 2
    on Strawberries 7" (BSS025-6) (Beatservice 1999)
  • Bugge Wesseltoft: You Might Say
    on Mind over MIDI reworks 7" (BSS035) (Beatservice 2000)
  • Audun Kleive: Driveline
  • Nils Petter Molvær: Dead Indeed (tunnel mix)
    on Recoloured remix CD (Universal 2001)
  • Cloroform: Who Cares
  • Lorenzo: Head Odyssey (deep analog mix)
    on Mind over MIDI reworks 7" (BSS035) (Beatservice 2000)
  • Frost: Amylgada (emotional memories mix)
    on double 12" (Frostworld/Universal 2002)
  • Slowpho: Summer Flirt (mind over midi's sommer i kristiansund remix)
    on CD-EP Summer Flirt (BS065) (Beatservice 2003)
  • Gork: Sun Sets In Sector 5 ( Mind over Midi Transistor Reshape)
    on 12" (Planet Noise 2003)

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